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Hinterlands (Heart)

March 2023

Queen Street Studios


A feeling births itself. Its cry arises and it is the Voice crying out in the wilderness. Colour emerges with the breath of the cry, both symbolic and cathartic. This colour is a cloud; it becomes essential in the expression of the heart-thought. The cloud rains: what falls flurries into maps and murmurations. Figures breathe through that murmuring. Among gathering tendrils, things take wing and walk.


These paintings are thresholds unto devotion, intimacy, and an observation of the interior self. The Spiritual and the Emotional meet, take hand, and together wander an unmapped landscape. Internal narratives are translated into fields of colour. Here, colour is sanctum, womb-like. What is figurative approaches in quiet: intuitive invocation through the mist.

Photographs courtesy of Simon Mills.

Exhibition Review.

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