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Easy Return


Two-person collaborative exhibition with filmmaker and visual artist Éanna Mac Cana.

'Easy Return'  is a conceptual, narrative-based multimedia exhibition considering ideas relating to faith, acts of care and healing, and the cyclical nature of each. It expands upon a short story which was written by the artists (read it here). Inspired by an anecdote told to Mac Cana during his own time as an inpatient, the narrative tells of a woman who loses her rosary beads whilst in convalescence, and of the nurse who restores them, returning them to her in an act of goodwill and preservation of faith.

This exhibition was partly influenced by the 14 Stations of the Cross. As a result, the 'Easy Return' story is told in 14 plot points which serve as a reference and inspiration to the sound, paper and installation work.

Mac Cana's soundscape for the exhibition is available to listen in full here.

Photographs courtesy of Mark Ferris.

1. With the piss, sheets, saliva and shit the beads were washed.
2. The paint split, revealing something simpler beneath.
3. The washing machine spins.
4. She fussed sadly at the edge of her crooked bed.
5. Upset about her unlicensed prayers.
6. Upset about her missing beads.
7. The washing machine spins.
8. He said he would return them to her.
9. The washing machine spins (and stops).
10. It was a quick catch.
11. He began repairs.
12. The tiny things were returned (before the sun).
13. He stayed a moment (before it hit).
14. He had said he would return them to her. And so, he had.

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